Full Scheduled and Emergency Commercial Services

Hardware Unlocking

  • Hardware Failure
  • Broken Keys
  • Missing Keys
  • Seized Mechanics

There are many reasons why a commercial entity may need hardware bypassing or unlocking.  Solid lock performs these services in a professional and discrete manner.


  • Missing Keys
  • Person or Persons Refusing to Turn Keys In
  • Too Many Keys Floating Around
  • Tired of Every Door With a Different Key

Whether the issue is too many keys on one ring, or that the only key to the whole facility walked off, Solid can rekey your existing hardware to new keys.

Emergency Repairs

  • Vandalism
  • Attempted Break-In
  • Mother Nature

There are many reasons why a lock may need emergency repairs.  Solid Lock travels lean, but has the resources to get the facility secured on an emergency basis in the interim before proper repairs can be made.