Q & A time.  As I get the Q's, I'll add some A's.

Why call a locksmith?

Peace of mind and professionalism.

Do Louisiana Locksmiths need a License?

Yes, Locksmiths in Louisiana need a firm and employee license to operate.  This is issued by the Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshall once certain criteria are met.

The "list of contractors" can be found on Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshall website.


Please protect yourself, use a licensed locksmith firm, ask for an employee license.  A legitimate locksmith employee and firm should have no problem with this request.

Is Solid lock and its employees licensed?


Firm F2180

Employee License is kept on person when working and will happily be presented upon request.


Which areas do you cover?

Solid Lock primarily covers Southeast Louisiana.  However, for the right project, I'll fly anywhere!

Do you like pizza?

Of course! It's awesome.