Conventional Residential Services at Unconventional Hours

Service Hours

Work all day?  Hard to fit things in?  Solid might be just for you.  Solid is available for regular 8-5 weekday type work, additionally, Solid is often available for scheduled or emergency after-hours and weekend service.

Emergency Unlocks

  • Locked Out
  • Broken Key
  • Lost Key


  • Lost Keys
  • Different Key for Every Door
  • Just Bought a House
  • Someone won't give back those keys you lent them

Many locks can be cleaned, lubricated and rekeyed.  Rekeying a lock essentially means that the internal mechanics (Pins, Wafers, Levers, etc.) are cleared of the existing key and set to a new key.

This option is often a less expensive method than replacing the locks entirely.  Additionally, for antique locks or locks with unique shapes and finishes this is a great way to preserve the character of the residence.

Hardware Replacement and Installation

  • New Hardware
  • Doors Bored
  • Strikes Aligned
  • Hinge Adjustments
  • Strike/Frame Reinforcement

Solid will work with you to evaluate your locking systems to replace and strengthen them.