Safe and Vault Service is one of Solid Lock's favorite things to do.

Openings / Unlocks

Locked out?  Lost combination? Mechanical or Electronic Failure?  Emergency Opening needed?  Solid can get you in.  Solid prides itself on using knowledge and experience as one of our most valuable tools to work towards a common goal, an efficient opening that is as damage free and repairable as practical.

  • Safe
  • Safety Deposit box
  • Lockbox
  • Fire Cabinets

Combination/Battery Change

Give Solid a call to change your combination, make user adjustments and more.  Done incorrectly or out of order, these seemingly straightforward tasks can result in costly damage or a locked out safe.

Solid doesn't sell services by fear mongering, but we do want you to know that many of the safes that Solid works on to open and repair, were safes that a customer tried to service, took a cover off, changed the batteries incorrectly, etc.  If you feel like this is something you want to tackle yourself.  Read your safe instructions thoroughly and follow the directions exactly as the manufacturer has laid them out.  Some seemingly minor steps actually have very important reasoning behind them.

  • Combination Change
  • Multi-user setup
  • Time Delay Adjustment
  • Battery Replacemnt

Mechanical Service and Maintenance

Call Solid for all of your Service and Maintenance needs.  From minor lubrication and cleaning, to locking system retrofitting.  Solid loves it.

Resist the urge to tinker.  If you want to lubricate it, or think you can make it work a little smoother, or saw something cool on the internet and want to try it on your safe, resist the urge.  There are plates, cables, secondary locking mechanisms, and parts that will lock a safe up just for being taken off or slightly misaligned, and certain areas that should absolutely never be lubricated or greased.  Even if you don't choose to call Solid, call a safe tech, describe what you have in mind and discuss your options.