Current Events and Precautions – COVID 19

Solid Lock and Safe understands that currently we are in unprecedented conditions and appreciates the impact and precautions being taken. If you have critical physical security issues, or stranded due to lost automotive keys, etc. contact Solid Lock to see how we can help while still respecting the seriousness of the situation.  When responding to these critical calls, Solid Lock is respecting distancing, disinfecting, and protective PPE guidelines.

Also, if you have gunsafe, commercial safe, or any other safe problems, issues, or need combination changes give Solid a call. We love Safe work and are happy to help you, often we can help troubleshoot malfunctioning safe issues over the phone for free.

Solid Lock Working in Gloves
Precautions to COVID 19 being taken as Solid Lock works in gloves on disinfected parts, using disinfected tools.