Strike Alignment Matters!

Hardware is important.  Hardware alignment, fit, strike, and jamb condition can be even more important.  Did you know that the security of your door can rely as much on these conditions as the actual hardware itself.  Don’t leave yourself vulnerable.

If your doors:

  • Are missing strikes.
  • Have split door jambs with screws barely holding into the wood.
  • Have strikes that look like Swiss cheese from so many holes.
  • Have to push hard or pull hard to turn the deadbolt.
  • Do not feel like the deadbolt extends as far when the door is closed as when it is open.
  • Hear “click” “click” when you close the door instead of “click”
  • Can see daylight through the jamb of your closed door.
  • Can push on the door while closed and it will swing open…

Call Solid Lock! Solid can come out and realign and strengthen you lock and jamb alignment to ensure that the integrity of the lock is not being lost because of the jamb alignment.

Also, unnoticed damage and wear to latches can have negative impacts on the security of your door.  One of these latches is badly damaged, this damage although it looks small, greatly reduces the effectiveness of the lock.  If your latches look like the one on the bottom, call Solid.