Look for the signs

Often your locking systems tells you it’s failing before it does. Lock systems are usually Mechanical or Electrical systems that preform repeating tasks time and time again. Some of these systems may require a bit of preventive maintenance from time to time. Over time you may start to see signs that something in that system is changing.

-Key movement slowly getting stiffer.
-Having to jiggle keys more and more to use a lock.
-Store front cylinder rotating in housing.
-Lock hardware starting to feel “loose”.

-Mechanical locks starting to take more and more tries to dial open.
-Digital safe locks taking multiple attempts to open up.
-Digital safe batteries need to be changed more and more frequently, not lasting as long as they used to.

All of these are signs that a locking system could be on the verge of failing. This could leave you either locked out, or prevent a system from locking properly. If you notice these signs, call a Licensed locksmith. They can help identify problems and correct them, often at a fraction of the price of waiting till full system failure. Additionally, calling a locksmith prior to a lock failure can let you address problems on your time frame, rather than finding out in the middle of the night that your building won’t lock